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Tomasz Gła­żew­ski,
tel. (25) 792–23-26 wew. 121, e-mail:



Mia­sto Węgrów w ramach kon­kursu prze­pro­wa­dzo­nego przez Naro­dowy Fun­dusz Ochrony Śro­do­wi­ska i Gospo­darki Wod­nej uzy­skało dofi­nan­so­wa­nie (w 85%) ze środ­ków UE w ramach Pro­gramu Ope­ra­cyj­nego Infra­struk­tura i Śro­do­wi­sko 2007 – 2013, dzia­ła­nie 9.3,         Ter­mo­mo­der­ni­za­cja obiek­tów uży­tecz­no­ści publicz­nej — plany gospo­darki nisko­emi­syj­nej, na reali­za­cję pro­jektu „Plan Gospo­darki Nisko­emi­syj­nej dla mia­sta Węgrów — pod­no­sze­nie efek­tyw­no­ści ener­ge­tycz­nej, zwięk­sze­nia wyko­rzy­sta­nia odna­wial­nych źró­deł ener­gii oraz reduk­cja emi­sji gazów cieplarnianych”.

Doku­ment ten jest nie­zbędny, aby w kolej­nych latach moż­li­wym było pozy­ski­wa­nie środ­ków finan­so­wych m. in. z fun­du­szy UE oraz Naro­do­wego Fun­du­szu Ochrony Śro­do­wi­ska i Gospo­darki Wod­nej na :
–  ter­mo­mo­der­ni­za­cję budyn­ków,
– mon­taż insta­la­cji odna­wial­nych źró­deł ener­gii (OZE),
– wymianę urzą­dzeń na ener­go­osz­czędne,
– budowę obiek­tów pasywnych/energooszczędnych,
– wyko­rzy­sta­nie ener­gii z odpa­dów,
– moder­ni­za­cję elek­tro­ener­ge­tycz­nej lub cie­płow­ni­czej sieci dystrybucyjnej


Odpo­wied­nią ankietę należy wypeł­nić, zapi­sać na kom­pu­te­rze i ode­słać drogą elek­tro­niczną, na adres e-mail:

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Mariusz Bala, tel. 25 792 23 26 wew. 126, e-mail:
Tomasz Gła­żew­ski, tel. 25 792 23 26 wew. 121, e-mail:

adres kore­spon­den­cyjny:

Urząd Miej­ski w Węgro­wie
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  1. Caelyn pisze:

    I was seoisurly at Def­Con 5 until I saw this post.

  2. My eyes are going a bit boss-eyed try­ing to figure out all those teeny­we­eny hexies.Am a bit exci­ted about that first quilt you men­tio­ned. How are the Kaf­fes’ tole­ra­ting the granny florals?

  3. Ya no creo en los políticos, por lo tanto seria bueno algu­ien joven en el poder, que pre­sente ideas nuevas y no la sarta de vete­ra­nos que han diri­gido y diri­gen el país a punta de favo­res polÃticos..

  4. Appa­ren­tly this is what the este­emed Wil­lis was tal­kin’ ’bout.

  5. Bill – I am a pen­sio­ner living in Mal­lorca, Spain – can­not afford to buy your Forex Caster Sys­tem, which looks great to me, but welcome the oppor­tu­nity of having this chance to win a free copy and join you, kind regards, Mike

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  7. It’s pretty unbe­lie­va­ble to me that eve­ry­one is say­ing how won­der­ful it is that he doesn’t refer to her as his step-daughter, but as a dau­gh­ter, when so many people tear Giselle apart for the same thing. I’m sure there will be all sorts of twi­sted reaso­ning as to why the situ­ations are dif­fe­rent, but I say the more love the bet­ter! Kudos to Matt AND Giselle!

  8. Lau­gh­ter fluffs up every cell in your body.“Phyllis Dil­ler­Saw her in a movie with Bob Hope made back in the 1950’s, it is was the abso­lute fun­niest thing I have ever seen and it still puts me in the floor lau­ghing after all these years.

  9. L’automne, saison la plus tri­ste de l’année. Tout est orga­nisé en Europe pour la ren­dre encore plus tri­ste, ce n’est pas la fête des morts qui nous inci­tera à la gau­driolle. Bref saison à pas­ser très vite pour arri­ver direc­te­ment en hiver, saison des fêtes où là on se réveillera…

  10. Que deli­ciosa estas la comida, por favoe me gustari que me envia­ran rece­tas de nuestra comida, ya que vivo aqui en LAema­nia hace muchos tiempo y lamen­ta­ble­mente no he ha pren­dido mucho a coci­nar la comida ecuatoriana.Gracias!

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  12. McNairy…and the Gap…knew exac­tly what they were tal­king. I could be wrong…seeing a 50 year old man dress him­self like a ten year-old makes me think….No. He knew what he was talking.

  13. 213Most of this seems pre­di­ca­ted on the iden­tity being Peter’s ori­gi­nally and then signed over to Her­cu­les Wre­stling. It’s been awhile since I’ve read early Ulti­mate Spi­der­man, but is there any evi­dence that the iden­tity was in any sort of use by Peter before he star­ted wre­stling? Even if he cre­ated the per­sona, couldn’t it be a “work for hire” if he cre­ated it for the (ori­gi­nal) sole pur­pose of an iden­tity to wre­stle for Her­cu­les Wre­stling under?

  14. 61cశ్రీనివాస్ గారూ,మీరే కరక్టు! “అరణ్యక.. గురించి చదివి దాని తెలుగు అనువాదం “వనవాసి” కోసం ప్రయత్నిస్తే అది దుర్లభమని తేలింది….”అని రాసి ఉండవలసింది. you name get it..! నేను కావాలనుకున్న్న పుస్తకాలన్నీ (విశ్వనాథ పావని శాస్త్రి “పులిముగ్గు” తో సహా) వంశీ బుక్ స్టోర్స్ లోనే దొరికాయి! ఆ ధైర్యంతోనే అలా రాశాను. లక్ష్మన్న గారూ,పరిచయం నచ్చినందుకు కృతజ్ఞతలు. ఈ పుస్తకం మీకు ఇప్పుడు హైదరాబాద్ బుక్ ట్రస్ట్ లో దొరుకుతుంది(కొత్త ప్రచురణ). వారి వెబ్ సైట్ లో చూడండి ఒకసారి!

  15. I felt so bad for the Beard­stown Ladies!I do not know our APY either. I do have a goal of sit­ting down and going thro­ugh eve­ry­thing in the next month or so and seeing where we stand.Great post Money­cone, I kind of for­got about the BL. Thanks for the remin­der about trac­king our inve­st­ment more clo­sely. Reply

  16. Bevis­sthet­su­tvi­dende blogg, dette. For denne delen av norsk musikk-/kulturhistorie er ful­l­sten­dig ukjent for meg. Nesten sÃ¥ jeg lurer pÃ¥ om det burde være flaut, men jeg lar det stÃ¥ til.

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  22. : Merci (pour le com­pli­ment et pour la musi­que, par­ce­que je l’aime beau­coup cette chan­son je vais écouter ce que donne l’originale) ! ^^@ Mis­sMa­rie et La Perchée : On leur érige une sta­tue ? :D@ Miss G : En même temps ils ont encore besoin qu’on est envie d’aller chez eux ? Sinon ils fera­ient pas de pub mais bon…@ Pin­kLady et Spar­kle : © hé ! Ca fait un peu Harry Pot­ter aussi !

  23. Toujo­urs dif­fi­cile de s’exprimer après le « Dri­ver »…C’est très sim­ple si vous fermé votre blog , je vire l’internet de mon environnement…If…Si ça c’est pas de l’engagement…Et Ben dit « Don ».

  24. ose­ille ? no capi­sco !et ils arrêtent pas de nous em… avec notre nul­lité. C’est en peu comme pour l’économie de l’Allemagne, ça finit par me don­ner des boutons

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  30. Sounds awe­some! And a bit scary. But mostly awe­some! I rec­kon it’s ok to be sca­red – that’s what lets you know you’re pushing your boun­da­ries and doing some­thing truly wonderful… 

  31. Way to use the inter­net to help people solve problems!

  32. LOL Shaun! But you’ll have a Youth Sup­port Wor­ker quali­fi­ca­tion so will be able to gain part-time employ­ment with sta­tu­tory agen­cies (if they’re still doing any youth work)…

  33. I cur­ren­tly have a nice sized tup­per­ware box full of all misc. coins (inc­lu­ding a bunch of dol­lar bills + gold dol­lar coins). I intend to take it to our bank (Com­merce Bank, NJ) to use their “Penny Arcade” essen­tially a free Coin­Star machine they have in each of their bran­ches, pretty neat.

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  39. Szia Max!Biztosan nagyon tanu­la­tlan vagyok konyha fron­ton, de mit jelen a “2 zk cukor”-ból a zk? Erre az értem is meg nem is állapotra mondanám, hogy ‘sza­vait kölön-kölön értem, de nem tudom, hogy hova lett a retikülöm…’. Az idézet saját, segíts kérlek.

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  55. ok,oktornando in topic..quando Fazio ha chie­sto, celiando, ad Aldrin se aveva visto gli UFO, per un attimo ho pen­sato “ora si alza e dà un caz­zot­tone a Fazio” ^_^altra cosa, quando par­lava di Marte ho pen­sato che questi uomini erano anche grandi sogna­tori e imma­gi­na­tori ed è forse per questo che sono andati sulla Luna

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  64. I loved seeing and spe­aking to Jack at the shows. He always signed my books “from one Jack to ano­ther”. His gur­gler is my favo­rite stri­per fly. His flies will always remind me of him when I open my fly boxes.Jack, save a few big ones on the other side for the rest of us.

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